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Chris Watt
Great pump

It’s powerful and keeps even dry inputs mixed.


Aero buddy is perfect. Makes mixing nutrients a breeze and keeps them mixed up throughout

Stoked to hear that Mike. Our goal is to make things easier for you. Glad it's been a breeze.

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Trimbag Dry Trimmer
Best mixer around!

Love using this mixer to make my tea batches. Works great in an IBC tote! These pumps are super powerful and well constructed, we will be getting more soon, thanks again Aeromixer

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Kenny Germani
Synthetic pump

This product has been one of the best so far ive came across

Great to hear that. We appreciate your feedback, Kenny!

awesome clothing an accessories

Just got my girlfriend an awesome hat and hoodie! While getting myself some badazz pruners!

Thanks for repping us, Chris! Let us know if you ever need anything

jim bee
Awesome product!👏👏

This is what we've been waiting for!

We're stoked your stoked Jim! Thanks for the review

Growers must have.

I have two just ordered my third. Amazing product even better results

canna beard
CannaBeard w/b using it on youtube /2023

I have seen the reviews and like what I see, Im here for this thing, for years iv used sub-par fishtank airpumps ... WELL NO MORE... sadly I cant use it till properly till springtime BUT I have faith in this from what iv seen, follow my outdoor content /Greenhouse & /BackyardHomesteading for use this year.
will update

Tiffany Jones
Aeromixer & Brewer

I’ve been using the combo for a few months now and it has been an excellent addition to my grow setup. The chlorine levels in my city run a bit high and it’s the first thing I notice after I’ve run for a few hours, is that the smell is gone and when I strip test it, the levels are good. I know for the price, it’s been an excellent investment. I’m in a 44 gallon container; I run it hourly for 5 minutes. It’s all I need. I don’t mix nutrients or brew teas in it, it’s strictly my clean water source. I love it!!!


This product is a very amazing and i high-quality definitely worth it for anyone looking to aerate and mix at same tkme

Jimmy Shearin
Greatest invention since well anything!!

Works amazing great quality

We appreciate the review Jimmy. Cheers!

Kenny Germani
Aerobrewer and aeromixer synthetic

These products are both very great and helpful products for a reservoir


Great service easy to work with and the products are very durable built to last.


The newly released pruners from Aeromixer are the best I’ve ever trimmed with. They are sharp which helps with precision. They easily clean up and are beautiful!

Jennifer Speer-Harvey
BEST Customer service ever!!!!

Aeromixer was so helpful in getting a replacement order shipped out. Shipment was quick, and had my system back up and running with little time without a mixer. Added the aero brewers and they have been so easy to install and run my mixers with.

Thanks for the review, Jennifer! We're a small family business and great customer service is super important to us. We're glad you think so too. Happy holidays!

Great Product!

Works as it should. Have it set to run for 5min every hour, hasnt failed me yet and keeps my reservoir evenly mixed.

Glad you are enjoying it Luke! Let us know if you every need anything.

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Johnny Paduani
Synthetic aeromixer

I have ordered one of these synthetic aeromixer and also a aerobrewer for my tent set up and so far i would say this product has been the best product ive came across in awhile it does everything you would want it to do for your reservoir

Adrian Pena


Kelly Gardner
Best mix pump I’ve ever used!

Since we have switched all of our facilities over to Aeromixers the consistency and ease of mixing has greatly improved. We are especially happy with the new Synthetic Pro Edition, best mix pump on the market!
Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

Kelly Gardner
Operations Manager
Zoe Therapeutics

Derek Monehen
Amazing product!

What a beast this mixer and pump is! It is extremely strong and keeps your nutrients and amendments mixed up in the water instead of settling behind it. Will never use anything else!

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Aeromixer and timer

Mann this has been a straight level up in my ebb n flow system. I have the buckets so it’s a rez. I turn it automatic through its own times on for 2 min off for.a hour. You can set it any way you need. Defanity a game changer. Shout out the team I will buy more when I put my other resivoirs in .

Shout out back to you May. Thanks for being a customer, we appreciate you!

Nicholas Boucher
Amazing product and quality

I got the Aeromixer synthetic pro and the aerobrewer and I can't be more happy. Well actually I could, if I had an Aeromixer mini with an Aerobuddy too!!! These things are so awesome!!

Awesome Nicholas!

Stoked to have you in the Aeromixer family!

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High quality and the best customer service.

Love all the products that I’ve gotten. Everything that I’ve gotten have been great.

Thanks Robert,

We aim for quality products that can hold up to the abuse farmers put them through.

Have a great fall season

Garden Shears!!

Freaking epic! Smooth like butter!! My new favorite garden shears indoors and outdoors 🙌🏼

Yeah Daniel, stoked you are stoked.

Just be careful as they are really sharp!

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Kenny Germani
Synthic pump

This product is amazing it had everything you would need inside of 1 pump a heater a air maker and also a pump to mix it all in 1 highly recommand if anyone lookong for something to use in there reservoir

Thanks for leaving a review Kenny,

Keeping reservoirs mixed and aerated is the game and Aeromixer is the name.