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Great addition

Great addition to my indoor & outdoor grows

Aerobuddy: Timer + Power Controller

5 stars - 10’dabs - 20 lbs

As a grower in hawaii- I was able to get a good discount on controller as I already bought pump and so yes Aeromixer are a good solid company.

Great product, great service

The mini-mixer has exceeded my expectations and hopes. The ferts in the flexitank stay mixed, forcing air into the mix as well. The reservoir stays within temperature range with the temperature control unit too. I am very very pleased with my purchase.

This is what my grow needed

Perfect product to keep nutrient tank mixed with just the right amount of air. All in one package.

Powerful pump

Even in large tanks it keeps the bottom clean. Great customer service. Thank you Aeromixer team

Aeromixer Hat
Jonathan Rice
Jonathan Rice

Love it best thing since sliced bread no more clogged air stones

Super powerful mixer

This mixer is seriously awesome and well built. Can't wait to mix up teas in one tank vs several buckets this summer. This will save me time.. highly recommend this product with the controller to dial in your brew.

Best pumps I've ever used buy far

Excellent product. I have completely switched over all my spots to these

The best way to mix fertilizer or make compost tea

We absolutely love how well this machine works at mixing fertilizer and making compost teas!! Highly recommend you getting one if you’re serious about growing and feeding your plants and soil!!

Great products

The products are amazing, I didn’t know I needed aeromixer until I got one & now I need to order another for my house, and that hose is a massive hose worth every penny

Yeah, the hose is the last hose you will ever need. total beast of a hose that comes with a life time warranty!

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Ricky Stafford
So far so good

Very happy so far with the timer and pump does what I need and with a lil more power then needed very happy with it

Hey Ricky, Thanks for the review.

Really happy you are stoked with your purchase. The Aeromixer pump sure is a beast

Top quality

Best up tool of the year.

Awesome, stoked you are stoked!

Beast Mode

The aeromixer is an absolute beast and super easy to set up and use.
BIG love and respect to the team for the great product!

Our team comes from farming and am very happy to be getting good gear to fellow farmers. Happy customers make for happy Aeromixer

Jonathan Rice
John rice

Best thing since sliced bread

Nothing like the smell of Fresh sourdough sliced bread first thing in the morning. Or a batch of fertilizer getting mixed by an Aeromixer.

ryan cook
The 1 Product Every Grower Needs

The Aeromixer is an awesome machine that works flawlessly as it mixes your fertilizer or brews your compost teas!! The power of this machine is very impressive as it churns the water in my 275 gallon IBC tote making my favorite compost tea, the suspension time is also crazy how long it will keep it suspended even after you quit running the Aeromixer!! If you mix your ferts or make compost tea you definitely need one of these!!

~Heavenly Hills Homestead (Ryan Cook)

Stoke Ryan!

Thanks for taking the time t leave a review. As a small family business every review truly means alot to our team

Great for dry inputs

Keeps those dry inputs from settling on the bottom of your tank for sure. Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

Charles Ross

Haven't had a chance to try it but I received product quick and service is phenomenal!

We hope you have been loving your Aeromixer

Love from the Aeromixer family

So handy.

I love this Aero Brewer and the wand. Best purchase of 2023


The toughest wand in the game for sure!

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Aeromixer rocks

I have my aeromixer in a 55 gallon drum & it work’s amazing, I’m looking into getting the hose & wand soon


very good customer service

Thanks Jason,

Welcome to the family of mixing

Mark A Knauer
Service and shipping great.

Have yet to use my mini. But if it s anything like the service and shipping you get then you have nothing to be worried about.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark! We really we strive for great customer service, part of that is being able to ship out orders as fast as we can. Let us know if you need anything.
We appreciate you taking the time to review us!


Best thing since sliced bread

Glad you are stoked!

Like some nice sliced fresh sourdough

Lindsay Hudson
You guys rock!

All of you were so very helpful which is most unusual these days.

Thanks for the kind words Lindsay,

As a small family business it really means alot. We strive to treat our customers like family

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No more pain mixing the nutriments

I was quite surpise how good this aeromixer running with aerobuddy controler does the job, it's a wonderful add to my growing set up. The team answered all my questions quickly. This "family" business deserved a 100% positive review. Thx again team aeromixer.

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Hope you have a great kick off to 2023