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Love it

Epic products!

Stoked you are stoked Charles!

Welcome to the family of mixing

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dan zimmerman
good machine

works good in my 55 gallon drum ill let u know the results soon

Thanks Dan,

It sure does smash in a 55 gallon drum. Thanks for the review

Best Purchase for Small Personal Grow

Was mixing with hand/spoon before I splurged with the Aeromixer. Once I got it...oh boy did the results speak for themselves! plants look 100x better, Ph and EC/PPM are more consistent meaning im spending less bringing it down to goal #s. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

I dont want to forget! I missed out on a sale because of travel and moving and I messaged them and they gave me the sale deal 2 weeks after it closed! Unbelievable customer service and will be a customer for life!

yall rock! thank you so much

What up!!!

Really glad we could help you out and and hook you up. Glad your plants and your hand are enjoying the Aeromixer. Sit back and relax and listen to the Aeromixer do its work.

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Michael Niland
Aeromixer mini

This is a gamechanger!!

Right on Michael!

Glad you are stoked on your mini mixer. It sure does make things easier.

Happy 2022

Green Acres Hydroponic
Great Service!

Friendly, fast support when you need it! Thank you Aeromixer Family

Thank you for joining the Aeromixer family! We will always have your back.

Have a great 2022

Great service

Great service and response time!

We are always just a phone call or email away.

Thanks for joining the family of mixing.

Power si

Love this product

Noticed PH is a lot more stable while aeromixer is on 👍🏻

Michael Flener


Charles Sanford

This mixer is absolutely the real deal,simply amazing!!!A must buy!!!!!

Awesome Charles!

Stoked you are stoked! Thanks for the review

Works awesome!

The mixer works great! Just got my all in one controller, and now it even better

Hey Christopher,

Yeah the controller sure is a useful tool. Welcome to the family of mixing

Andy Melgar

Makes everything so easy love it.

Thanks Andy

We are always here to make your life easier.

Jesse Brite
Very effective mixing pump

Worth every penny, saw a night and day difference within 2 weeks of using it. Couldnt ask for any better of a mixer

Awesome Jesse

It all about getting an equal amount of fertilizer to every plant. Keep it all mixed and aerated at the same time.

Welcome to the family of mixing

Nathaniel Fryer
High quality, very effective

Great power for mixing my Athena ProLine and aerating before each feed cycle. High quality product

danny ngo
Great product

Great product. Perfect customer service!

Glad we could help Danny

Have a great holiday weekend!!!

Aero for 1000g tank

Does a great job. Best ever.

Awesome Stylios

Thanks for the great review. Hope you have a great holiday weekend

Ryan Zamboanga
Excellent product

This mixer the “AREOMIXER” has to be the best pump around! Hoping this mixer last a long time. If not I’ll still order again!

Yo Ryan,

You should get years out of your Aeromixer. Every unit comes with a full one year warranty. If you ever have any issues or questions reach out to us at

Great product!!

Great product !!

Thanks for joining the family John

Jesus Rodriguez

Holy shit this aero mixer is truly awesome !!! I genuinely thought I was mixing my nutrients before buying but I was wrong !!! You’ll notice the difference going with aeromixer it’s a MUST BUY

Awesome Jesus!!!!

Theres nothing like Aeromixer to smash your nutrients in the face.

Welcome to the family of mixing and aerating.

Exactly what I needed

Great mixer, and the speed controller is a must for smaller reservoirs! Definitely love the power this thing puts out, but wish it ramped its power when turning on, I find myself setting the pump back up quite often from the initial kick. Great buy!

Hey Patrick,

Glad to hear that you are enjoying your purchase. The Aerobrewer sure is useful for those smaller tanks. Hope you had a good holiday weekend.

Thomas Rosenow

Greatly appreciate entire family for creating a quality efficient product!

Hey Thomas,

Welcome to the Aeromixer family. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

john newman
Great product

Great product

Thanks John!!

Welcome to the Family

Great product

Great product!! The mini mixer with the aero brewer is the best combo for my garden!!

Thanks Christopher

We are stoked that are enjoying your setup. Welcome to the Aeromixer family

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Chris Valencia

great product

Thanks Chris.

Stoked on the stoke

MarK Merrill
So far so good

Put the new aeromixer in just last week and so far it seems to be working good. I ordered the controller which is getting delayed every day by a day so I hope it shows up soon and see them both working together. My name is Mark not Mar FYI!!!

What up Mark not Mar!!!

Glad you are liking the Aeromixer. It take about a week to get stuff shipped ground from the west coast to the east coast. Looks like the Aerobrewer you ordered will be arriving this afternoon.