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Love it!

Thank you for a wonderful product!

Love it

I have only used it a couple times so far but in love with it taking more organic feed to the next level 🤙

BEST Pump & Mixer - save time.

Aeromixer is hands down the best pump I own. We have one for every farm.

Ditch your air stone, ditch your sump pump, replace with an all in one aeromixer and make your life easier.

Great piece

sure is a great product highly recommend it

The best!

Love my mixer. Works great, first time doing organic brews and I love it


Great product! Waaaay better than a sump pump to mix a resivoir.

Mixing it up

Definitely gets everything in the barrel moving and grooving....!!!!!

Best mixer on the market

Best mixer/aerator for the best price. Just converted all three reservoirs mixers to Aeronixers

Such a time saver!

Well made and works like a champ. Saves me so much time in mixing and watering in my feeds.

Best mixer

Game changer! Upgrade your plants will show how much they love you

A critical ingredient for success

If you’re a grower looking for optimal nutrient uptake and oxygen to your roots look 👀 no further because Aeromixer has given us growers the pump of a lifetime also the customer service is beyond amazing. Big shoutout to Eli and the Aeromixer family from us here at AFTERLUX LIGHTING

It's a great product! Used to take hours to feed my plants! Not anymore!

It's a great product! Used to take hours to feed,not any more!

Works great!

Love the thing, incredible power to the unit. Listen to their suggestion, if your res is under 5 feet tall, BUY THE MINI! I bought the normal and wish I would’ve bought the smaller version instead but still extremely satisfied

Excellent product! 💯

Love my Aeromixer for both mixing and distribution. 💪🏻


It's a beast

The two in one super mixer

This product is incredible when mixing nutrients this takes all the work that the bubblers couldn’t do.Definitely recommend it for mixing heavy liquid nutrients or fertilizers



Great, Awesome product 👌

Awesome product along with great customer service.

This Aeromixer has helped cut down on time and shoulder aches from manual mixing. Don’t hesitate buying one, you will be very pleased.


Aeromixer mini

Amazing product, great for organic growers!!!

Question not a review

Can it both feed then aerate? I have a 100 gal flexitank pro, I have drip irrigation and would love to get rid of these massive pumps for one single unit?

Shoot us an email. so we can discuss your system and figure out if Aeromixer will work for your setup. Thank you for contacting us!

awesome mixer

i bought 5 mixers. used 3. when my friends saw how it worked. they asked me for my spares. i will be buying more


Don’t buy it direct it’s somehow cheaper elsewhere