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James Marozzo

Just out of warranty period and they still took care of me and upgraded me to the proper mixer. Great customer service!

Great product

You guys have great customer service and Very helpful What can I say about my pump besides that It's great. I can't believe I was growing all these years without one One of the best out there

MN Grown

Works great and keeps our drum stirred evenly. Too early to see any results but we'll keep you posted!

Awesome Hose!!

Great quality 3/4” hose!

AeroMixer - Put to the test, mixes the best!

I grow giant pumpkins which is very labor intensive and time consuming. Giant pumpkins eat nutrients like Arnold Schwarzenegger downloaded protein in the 70s.

The AeroMixer helps us tremendously in a variety of ways! Saves us time mixing nutrients, helps with balancing PH, and the pump feature works great to distribute the nutrients efficiently to our hungry bodybuilder pumpkins!

The customer service is also great. I love that we are supporting a grass roots American company too.

Rory G
Great customer service

Had a problem with my old pump. Stopped working within a year of having it. I contacted customer service they asked a few questions concerning the pump and maintenance. After ruling out negligence they sent me a bran new pump. Great product and great customer service

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer
Raymond Nezol
What you didn’t know you needed !

Definitely a game changer for me ! I use powdered nutes and this works out great ,I’ll be getting another one someday . One for veg
and one for bloom rez . Keeps the ph stable way longer so I can mix 50 gallons at a time .

These pumps are amazing.

These pumps are amazing; I have 3 and am looking for my fourth. The Aeromixer is an essential component to my success as a grower and I confidently feel that I’m growing the best cannabis of my life at the moment. Thanks Aeromixer!

Very nice

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer

Highly Recommend!

I have the aeromixer mini synthetic pro with both the aerobuddy and the aerobrewer controllers. Both controllers are easy to use and are made well. This mixer does a wonderful job of aerating while mixing, even small solids. I have used liquid and meal fertilizers with this pump with nothing but success. It’s easy to setup, it offers great options and features for real use. This pump mixes, aerates, pumps out (distributes), ph balances and more! Time saving and effective, I would highly recommend!!


Super fast! Box was a bit beaten but it was a heavy package to pick up.

Great but heavy! Need to find a good rack for this size!

Amazing Amazing mixers

These AEROMIXERS are a NEED in your grow they got a mini & a Big boy!! They are amazing in customer service & the mixer is amazing to aerate & to be able to feed your plants with the hose to make is super easy an get a even feed!!

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer
Timothy Foley
Love it

Finally a hose that doesn't kink. I'll be buying more from Aeromix.

Shane Goff
Aeromixer Mini.

Using it for the first time, I'm very impressed! Will definitely recommend it for other growers!! Does what it claims!!

Aeromixer customer service

I had a problem with my pump and they sent me a new one in days. Customer service was on it!

Brett Kinney
Great product

Aeromixer is the best tool a gardner can have. Mix fertilizers, make compost tea and apply it with one pump.

That One Place C/O Matthew Wilson
Great product and customer service

There mixers are amazing in 25 gallon drums or 350 gallon totes they mix it all great and there customer service is awesome. Had one fail and they were very responsive and solved all my issues!!!

Robert Restani


Jason Roote



Amazing company and products!!

Came in clutch when needed with amazing shipping

Aeromixer for the win!🏆 best customer service

A garden staple

Best year ever thanks to aero mixer