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Luis Diaz Merced
Little problem

One of the 4 tires of the Carr didn’t come with the package 📦

Robert Juterbock

Thing keeps chugging and spitting water with endless power, stoked on my purchase...

What up Robert!!

The Aeromixer has arrived to save the day! With lightning like speed and godlike power it will smash fertilizer in the face and keep sediment from even thinking about laying down on the job.

Kevin Muth


Andrew Levinson
Great product

Amazing product. Must have for any enthusiast grower with a large reservoir.

Thanks for the review,

We are stoked that you are enjoying your mixer. It sure is a game changer

Have a great week

Jeremy D

I love mine and you will love yours

Thanks Jeremy,

We aim to bring the best products to the people.

Welcome to the family of mixing

David Yang

Works awesome!

Todd Costa

I just purchased the Aeromixer, in September, I’ve used it for over a month now, and wow it is amazing, it def saves me time when mixing my nutrients, and money on not trying to balance my ph levels with unmixed tea. So I am extremely excited for what’s to come

What up Todd!

Really glad you are liking your Aeromixer. Our goal is to help people save time by making farming more efficient.

Welcome to the family of mixing!

Nick Miller

So far I'm very happy with the product. Delivery was quick

Have fun with it Nick!

If you ever have any questions hit us up at

Clyde Protection Plan
Darnell Johnson
Absolute Great Product

I have purchased three of these aero mixers, I highly recommend, saves you time and they do exactly what their meant for. Don’t ponder about it, just purchase one.

Hey Darnell,

Thanks for becoming part of the Aeromixer family. Let us know next time you make an order and we will throw some swag in for you. have a great weekend.

Matthew Davini
Amazing power!

This pump isn’t the biggest I have owned in the past but it moves large amounts of water with ease.

Thanks for the review Matthew,

She sure does pack a punch!!! Welcome to the Aeromixer family.

Paul Schaechter

This is my 3rd aero mixer. I run them in both my tea tank and nutrients tank. I did have this last one burn out on me but I replaced it ASAP. I am a true believer in this product. Please set me up with registration of warranty.

Hey Paul,

Thanks for contacting us so we could get you all set up with your warranty unit. We are always just a phone call or email away. For the extended warranty please send an email to and they will get you setup.

keegan mangan
Support local

Aeromixer has excellent cusyomer service and warranty they have covered me from day 1 on any issues which all farmers know can arise and need remedy immediately, they are prompt and trustworthy small company that has us small farmers backs, plus the product is amazing i wouldnt grow without it

Yo Keegan!!

Thanks for reaching out to us so we could get everything figured out. Really glad you are liking the Aeromixer.

Once you join the Aeromixer family we will treat you like family forever.

Rees Atkins Real Estate Broker

seems to work really well in our deep water hydroponic lettuce ponds

What up Rees,

Welcome to the family of mixing!!

Jashua Castellon
Best mixer

The Aero Mixer works great!! Mixes all my nutrients really well in a 100 Gallon tank! Works just as strong as jacuzzi jets!! Haven't had any issues!
I'll be purchasing 2 more pretty soon

Hey Jashua,

Thanks for joining the Aeromixer family. The Aeromixer sure does smash nutrients in the face!! Really stoked that you are liking the product.

Steven Ninos
Doesn’t get any better

Complete game changer

Zachary Faintuch
Mix mix mix mix, tiiiiiiiny bubbles

Its like a nutrient jacuzzi and pumps like a dam bypass flow. Only water moving device i am using from now on

Welcome to the family Zachary! A family that mixes together stays together.

Medic Grower
No H2O2!

Using the Aeromixer eliminated the need to add H2O2 from my flood and drain systems

Thanks for the review!

A happy customer always makes our day a little brighter.

Cory Chasteen

Great product!

Thanks Cory!!!

Welcome to the family!!

Adam Rose
Amazing mixer/aerator plus phenomenal customer service!

I now have there mixers in all of my tanks. Plus their 1 inch hose is incredible! Love breathing all of these sighs of relief. I thought I had an issue and they were quick to resolve it! Problem was on my end but they were happy to assist. Two thumbs up!

Hey Adam,

We are always just a phone call or email away. Glad we could get everything figured out for you. Thanks for contacting us!

James Melvin
Awsome company

Elijah at aero mixer is awesome had problems and he set me straight and hooked me up definitely got a customer for life

You are part of the family, we will always have your back!

Gina Kennard
Awesome nutrients mixer

I'm always looking for a easyer and less labor intensive ways to make my grows go smoothly. I have a full time job so so when I see a product that does it faster and better I'm all for it. I looked all around for something to make feeding my plants easier. The AEROMIXER does just that . I couldn't ask for a better product to make my growing just a little easier. LOVE IT . I would highly recommend the Aeromixer to everyone that grows. Ty Aeromixer team !!!

Thanks for the kind words. Nothing makes us more happy then happy customers.

Have a great fall this year!!!

Scotus Dunshee
Powerful pump!

We bought two of these, each to go into a 1500 gallon tank for for mixing and aeration. I gotta say, they work like a charm. They really move the water and there’s a lot of bubbles fizzing up to the top of the tank. Just be sure to get the legs on the bottom of the pump against the sidewall of your tank or else the pumps zip all over in the tank and get tangled with their own cords.
Great product! Thanks aeromixer family.

Thanks for being part of the Aeromixer family.

We are always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions.

Yeah definitely want to make sure those legs are against the tanks side wall. That death spin can be terrifying.

Ninja bullet

I’ve never seen the water in the 160gal tank move as much as it does with this thing just like a blender. The ability to transfer nutrients directly into the feed is definitely a huge plus but I’ve ran through many pumps and nothing compares to the aeromixer by far. Highly recommend will be purchasing more in the near future.

Thanks Brad!! Welcome to the family of mixing.

Hit us up for some swag next time you make an order.

Randall Andrews
Great product

This company shipped super fast. I had it in less than a week after I ordered it. No more mixing by hand. This pump is amazing. I will definitely be buying three more for my other tanks. 😁

Thanks for joining the Aeromixer family!!

Stoked on the stoke!!! have a great week.

Forrest Sowle

Super happy with my new aeromixer, no more hot spots in my fertilization, make for happy girls, thank you!!!

Thanks for the review Scott,

Welcome to the Aeromixer family (: