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Brian Faught
Great machine

Mixes tea brews excellent - and pumps them out as well great product! My garden looks great this year since I switched to using aeromixer to mix large batches !

This is the best!

Can't wait to get another

Hey Richard,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate you very much (:

Phil Richard
Can't get enough of it

Multiple uses keeps on giving

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Have a great fall Phil

David A Veilleux
Awesome company

Noah and Leanna were incredible. Took time to understand my issue and work with us to get a new unit. For a small farm like us, I cannot express how huge it was to get help. Cannot express how great they are. Buy a pump and never look back

Hey David,

We are a small family business and working with customer to create a life long relationship is one of our top priorities.

Reach out any time with any questions.

Cheers David

Mykle Shelby
I have nothing to complain about.

Excellent product, excellent customer service. Will recommend to anyone who will listen.

Kyle Brott
Works great

Perfect for keeping reservoirs aerated and mixed for consistent feeding/watering needs

Thanks Kyle,

As a small family business a happy customer is our number one goal.

Have a great weekend (:

Great communication

Customer service and feedback seems to be top priority that’s wonderful! Only thing negative thing I have heard about aeromixer is that it clogs I haven’t had any issues with mine and I’ve ran it for a season brewing Roots products even ran some other tea that was chunkier through it and worked fine . You probably can’t pump oatmeal through it- and should probably run water and vinegar through it after each use like I do ph at a 6.5 water my yard plants while flushing my aeromixer.

What up Brian

Thanks for stopping by to leave a review. The Aeromixer wont clog unless a customer is using particulates that are larger than 1/4 or dumping a large amount of fertilizer directly on the unit.

Have a great fall Brain

Cheers from the Aeromixer family

Quality products!

Highly recommend! Love the new controllers!

Thanks Lee

Customers like you are what make our days brighter.

Aeromixer and aero mixer buddy

Works fantastic. Keep our teas moving and our micro organism growth has doubled!!! Proud to be a part of the team. I am uploading videos soon!!!

Awesome Andrew

With the controller the Aeromixer is truly a compost tea brewing wizard. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review

trenton simper

Top quality with the best service ever.

Thanks for joining the family Trenton. We are always stoked to help in any way.

Talk about a mixer!!

Amazing product, Think I might want another lol

Dope Frank!

Stoked on your stoke!

XCover Protection Plan

This is the best!

I was recently introduced to this wonderful device and I have to say it mitigates any mixing invovled. I will continue to spread the word about this product and brand. They are simply amazing.

Thanks Phil,

We will always just be a call or email away to help or just talk story.

Hope you have a great harvest season


Do yourself a favor and upgrade your grow game.

I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for stopping by to leave a review

Talk about a mixer!!

Great mixer, very impressed with the power it has, looking forward to getting another for a different project

Hey Frank,

It sure is a little beast and smashes out the mixing game. Hit us up when you need another one.

Talk about a mixer!!

I was very impressed with the mixer as far as the agitation and mixing power. I have some future plans to get another for a special project over the winter if you want to collab and bounce ideas off eachother. Cheers

Hit us up, we are always stoked to work with folks on collaborations.

Aero brewer is the goat

Definitely worth every penny & what I need especially in winter because of the temp control. It has many modes that are all useful in varying ways

Thanks Wade,

Stoked you are stoked on the GOAT!

Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

Ultimate mixer & pump

The Aeromixer has been a game changer & a must have for organic & salt based growers . It has ph stabilization with its aeration hose it makes growing & watering so easy

The pump and controller combo lets you take a brake from hand mixing your tank.

Thanks for being such a stoked customer

100 ft hose

The 100 foot hose emptied my 55 gallon reservoir so fast , I almost didn’t realize it b4 it was to late 😂

Aero buddy my awesome new friend

The aero buddy is my new favorite attachment for the Aeromixer, it makes my salt based nutrient’s stay mixed up & doesn’t let them sit on the bottom of the reservoir. It’s also great for organic teas

Fantastic Product and even better Customer Service

I have purchased three pumps and three timers and I love them. Being able to mix while feeding with one pump makes a world of a difference. And having the Controller to adjust the intensity and time of the pumps allows these pumps to work in 55 Gallon drums as well as 275 IBC totes. Their customer service is beyond excellent as well. I highly recommend these products and supporting this small company!

Cody Davis, Homeless Garden Project
Value and quality

There are a lot of poorly made options when it comes to pumps and airstones. The aero will not only mix whatever size reservoir you have, it will also pump up to 35 vertical feet! It's a no brainier. They are also a company that has some values, and supports small time farms. In the end, this product will save you time and money.

Best Mixer on Earth

Nutrients, Teas, this pump is the best!!!! Have both the <50 gal and 150! OMG BEST PUMP WILL NEVER USE ANTTHING ELSE -Ash

Perfect pair

This controller linked with the pump is unbeatable. Wether you are mixing a big tank and need all the power or a small brew you can dial it all the way down power wise making it perfect for any situation. Very happy with my purchase - now just dialing it in more and more each batch change.