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Aerobuddy controller

Makes it simple, and they'll help you figure out correct runtime etc your system if you call. They rock

Jerardo Herrera
Great customer service

I have to say it was a pleasure working with them There customer service is unbelievable And their products are great I really recommend them

Allen Nelson
Amazing Product Sponsor

Aeromixer is an amazing innovative company that assist growers and helps them get that edge on the competition by utilizing their Aeromixer pumps to mix your nutrients or brew biodiverse teas to feed plants. Aeromixer should be a no brain choice and go to for mixing and watering. We at the Arizona Growers Cup look forward to seeing our happy winners receive their swag and Aeromixers!

Aeromixer Synthetic Pro

Definately worth the cost, very glad I didn't go with an off-brand, this is quality, will last forever.

Aerobuddy: Timer + Power Controller
The Growers Garden (social media)
Great Mixer

We absolutely love our Aeromixer for mixing teas and fertilizers! This mixer is easy to work and gets the job done everytime all the time!!!


I’ve used many pumps, but this one by far out performs anything that I have used before.

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer

I have had a lot of pumps and this one is next level. I love it

A must have

I can’t grow without my Aeromixer, I went one months without it and I was lost .

Chase Hite
Great product!

I’ve been using the aeromixer for about a week now and I love it. So easy to use with the controller and mixes my nutrients perfectly and consistently! 10/10 for me

Aeromixer is #1

This art of a machine is amazing !!! 1st I want to say thank and that I. SO so great full for everything!!!! This mixer is the best thing ever I personally think no 1 should be growing without a AEROMIXER #1 "AEROMIXER GANG"


Best machine for growing and keeping your mix just right every time.

Amazing product

I have had a whole bunch of submersible pumps and mixers but this one by far exceeds the competition. Aeromixer has made life easy trying to grow the worlds biggest pumpkin

The Growers Garden (social media)
Great Mixer!!!

This has become our in-house mixer for nutrients and teas at The Growers Garden! It always does a great job for our canna grows! Second to none customer service has made this our “go to” mixer!!!

Brendan Carroll
Mixer Works Great!

We use our pump to mix nutrients. It worked great for this. Customer support for the pump is awesome. Fully recommend this company and their products!

XCover Protection Plan

Best customer service by far.

Hi Anthony, thanks for the kind words. Wishing you a great kick off to the 2024 season

XCover Protection Plan
Excellent customer service

Excellent product and customer service.

Great Customer Service

Hands down the best customer service I've seen in a long time. Helped me out with everything I needed and took the time to help and didn't have me feeling rushed to do anything. Can't wait to use my pumps.

Yo Anthony,

Thanks for the kind words. As a small family business our customers are our number one priority. We can always be reached by email of phone.

Happy 2024

Ben Severson
Old Man Approved.

So I was sitting around smoking a bowl, waiting for my rez to fully mix. I figured I would look for some modern pumps. You get set in your ways over a 30 year routine. I stumbled across a video of someone using these pumps. I checked out the company. I like dogs. They like dogs. So I bought a couple pumps thinking it would be another r company I can talk shit about in the end. I busted it out once it arrived and used it. This pump went to town and mixed everything 100% in 2 minutes. Dissolved my Jacks Nutrients like a boss. I laughed out loud. I gathered my crew around and did it again. Like a water mixing ninja. I like to bitch like all old men. I would shit talk a pile of shit. I am always bitching about “Economy of Motion” . Less human movements over time equal money, so quit wasting time with movements. This pump saves my operation around 16 minutes a day. That’s around 7.46 hours per month. I pay $25.00 hour and in a years time $25.00 x 89.50 is $2237.50 .

Thanks for making my morning Ben,

I truly think we would get along just great. I myself spent so many years gardening how my parents did and as i get older i have been pushing how i was taught and finding better more efficient ways.

We truly believe in the idea of work in your garden not in your tank, allow your aeromixer to do that part for you. Hit me up if you are ever in Oregon.

Thanks and have a great kick off to the 2024 season.

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer
Rhett Dalling
Great service

Great service! Quick to respond and help me with my questions and fixed any issues.

Thanks Rhett,

We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. We are always around to help in any way possible.

Perfect size

I love this company always have the right tool for the job. The hat is next level top quality.


Glad you got a hat in your hands. Have a great kickoff to the 2024 season.

Pump, and timer/controller

Best investment yet, literally saves me hours a week.

Thanks James,
At Aeromixer our aim is to make gardening a little easier and efficient for everyone. Stoked you are stoked!

Have a great day

In the mix

I’m really enjoying my aero mixer, since changing to this pump, I have been able to better balance my pH because everything in the tank is thoroughly mixed. Another awesome benefit is how long the power cord is, this has allowed me to easily conceal and neatly run this cable to the adjacent wall and keep my cords organized. This is something I did not know I needed until I purchased it, I’m so thankful to have this in my grow.

Welcome to the family of mixing!

As a small family ran company it is our customers that make our day brighter. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review as it truly means alot to the aeromixer team.

Cheers and happy 2024

No stress Hydro
Great Service

It was a pleasure working with the Aeromixer team, they were extremely helpful.

Any time and any way we can help we are more the happy to.

Have a great day

Duane Price uk

Fast delivery the best service and staff can't get any better love the team 😜 have not put it in yet but got the COVID ATM so when better will be up dating the this review would highly recommend and they do what it says on the box lol

Hey Duane,

Hope you are feeling top notch and kicked that covid. Welcome to the family of mixing and aerating. Any way we can help down the road please let us know.


Like it

It’s hard to contact someone when I have a question though

Hi Kim,

Thanks for taking the time to review us! We're sorry you weren't able to get ahold of anyone. Feel free to call us directly at 541-690-0888 and we're happy to answer any questions you have.