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Meet Aeromixer.

Plant feeding made easy.

Mixing Pump
  • All-in-one

    The ONE pump that can
    mix + aerate, or distribute nutrients to your garden.

  • Stabilizes pH

    Air stones are old news! Aeromixer reduces the need for pH stabilizers using old school tricks, with awesome new technology.

  • Mixes evenly

    Suspends particulates throughout mixture for even feeding.

  • Handles anything

    Aeromixer is a beast! Pumps up to 1/4 inch solids and 1/4 pound of fertilizer per gallon of water!

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Reviews from our happy customers

I used Aeromixer for the first time this season, and it changed the way I approached my garden. It saved me time and money, and made my life way easier. I’ll be using it again next year and would recommend it to every gardener.

Aeromixer is a must have for any plant enthusiast. Whether you’re mixing a tea for your at home tomato garden or rolling 500 gallon tanks to fertigate a 100 acres crop, Aeromixer pumps have got the juice! If you have a green thumb, then do yourself a favor and power your garden or crop with Aeromixer.

Aeromixer changed my life...... Using two units and a 1" feeding hose saved me so many hours every week when feeding my garden. So pumped!

No more wasted nutrients.

Ever go through the whole process of feeding your garden, only to find a sludge of precious nutrients at the bottom of the tank when you're done? Running Aeromixer while you feed suspends nutrients to ensure optimal distribution to each plant. This allows for more efficient feeding, which means happier, more productive plants.

  • Say goodbye to air stones!

    Traditional air stones require constant replacement, and often there are a lot of nutrients left at the bottom of the tank.

  • Say hello to Aeromixer!

    Just one pump can keep your solution correctly mixed and aerated. No more air stones, sediment, or waste!

Stabilize pH easily.

Aeromixer utilizes Patented Aerojet Technology to inject air, helping reduce the need for pH stabilizers and promoting even mixing of liquid and/or dry fertilizers in your feed tank. Aeromixer is the only mixing pump on the market that keeps nutrients mixed and aerated at the same time and distributes fertilizers evenly to your garden.

Aeromixer in Action

Aeromixer can easily mix feed tanks from 50-500 gallons and works great in tanks up to 3000 gallons. See detailed instructions below for runs times and how to use your Aeromixer correctly in YOUR size tank!

Let's compare

May the best system win...

No wasted nutrients

Ensure that all of the money you spend on fertilizers and nutrients go directly where you want them. Never leave precious nutrients sitting at the bottom of your feed tank again! Get them evenly spread to all your garden for bigger yields and no more waste!

The other guys
Wasted nutrients

Have you ever fed your garden only to see a pile of wasted nutrients at the bottom of your feed tank? Cheap sump pumps and air stones have to be replaced almost every season, sometimes multiple times in a year.

All in one

Mix and aerate with one pump. Stop breaking up floating nutrients and unclogging cheap sump pumps. Spend that time thinning, trellising, and caring for your plants. Work in your garden not in your fertilizer tank!

Three is a crowd

Traditional fertilizer tanks need an air pump, a water pump and air stones. With all these parts, cords, and hoses in your fertilizer tank, things can get tangled and messy.

Nutrients suspended in solution

Aeromixer utilizes patented Aerojet technology to prevent nutrients from settling on the bottom of your tank. Like a supercharged airstone, our pump injects a LOT of air.

Nutrients settle to the bottom

Without an Aeromixer solid and granular nutrients are left on the bottom of the tank. Generic sump pumps and old school methods are not designed to mix your nutrient tank, only to empty it.

Our pump

You can use Aeromixer to feed your garden. Pumping at up to 4,450 gallons/hour, Aeromixer makes feeding fast and simple. Our pump mixes + aerates, or feeds; what more do you need?

Their pump

Most sump pumps of comparable size produce around half the pumping capacity of the Aeromixer. Feeding takes time, time is money. Aeromixer saves you time, you know the rest...

Three steps to happy plants:

1. Install Aeromixer

Correctly place your Aeromixer into your nutrient tank and direct the air intake hose out of the tank.

2. Introduce additives

Do you love organic gardening? So does Aeromixer! Slowly add nutrients into your feed tank while Aeromixer is running.

3. Aeromix and relax!

Sit back and relax! Enjoy a cold beverage while you watch your Aeromixer make waves.

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