Upgrade to Aeromixer


The ONE pump that can Mix + Aerate


What does Aeromixer do?

1. Saves a ton of TIME

Whether you are using Organics or Synthetics, mixing your fertilizer in solution is a MUST! Most farmers feed their garden a couple times a week, and some every day. That's a lot of mixing! Aeromixer makes this a breeze, saving you a collective TON OF TIME!

Most growers save dozens hours per WEEK when switching to Aeromixer.

2. Makes your life simpler

The process is simple:

  1. 1. Install Aeromixer
  2. 2. Introduce additives
  3. 3. Aeromix and relax!

Aeromixer uses patented Aerojet technology to push out 4,450 Gallons of water per hour!

The Regular and Tall Tank Models can mix 15-3000 Gallon tanks like a champ ✔️

3. Aeromixer Grows Bigger, Healthier Plants

Not only do you save time with Aeromixer, but your plants will be stronger and healthier. Heres why...

Need more PROOF!?

We are a small company based out of Phoenix, Oregon. We have awesome support, if anything goes wrong we want to be the first to know and help. Our support line is always open if you have any questions! Just check out a few of our 250+ 5 Star Reviews.