Aerobrewer: Temperature + Power Controller

Aerobrewer: Temperature + Power Controller

Aerobrewer: Temperature + Power Controller

Not your average variable speed controller

Say hello to Aerobrewer, an easy-to-use tool to help farmers like you save time and grow happy plants. Aerobrewer gives you complete control of aeration and mixing in your feed tank when used with an Aeromixer, making it great for farmers with smaller tanks, those who simply want a more gentle agitation on compost teas, or to get the perfect brew temperature every time! Choose the power level, set the temperature, or control both at once and take the guesswork out of mixing.

Technical specifications

  • Specs

    Max input 15 amp
    On up to 30 min, off up to 60 min
    Three settings (Speed, Temp, Speed + Temp)
    Regulate your Aeromixer from 2.0-6.2 amps
    Three prong plug
    One-Year Warranty
    Aeromixer NOT included

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tyler Burton
Great product, great service

The mini-mixer has exceeded my expectations and hopes. The ferts in the flexitank stay mixed, forcing air into the mix as well. The reservoir stays within temperature range with the temperature control unit too. I am very very pleased with my purchase.

charles chavez
This is what my grow needed

Perfect product to keep nutrient tank mixed with just the right amount of air. All in one package.

ryan cook
The best way to mix fertilizer or make compost tea

We absolutely love how well this machine works at mixing fertilizer and making compost teas!! Highly recommend you getting one if you’re serious about growing and feeding your plants and soil!!

So handy.

I love this Aero Brewer and the wand. Best purchase of 2023


The toughest wand in the game for sure!

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Jonathan Rice

Best thing since sliced bread

Glad you are stoked!

Like some nice sliced fresh sourdough