Aerobrewer: All-In-One Controller

Aerobrewer: All-In-One Controller

Aerobrewer: All-In-One Controller

Easily control run times and power output with one simple unit
Say hello to Aerobewer, an easy-to-use tool to help farmers like you save time and grow happy plants. Aerobrewer gives you complete control of aeration and mixing in your feed tank when used with an Aeromixer, making it great for farmers with smaller tanks, those who simply want a more gentle agitation on compost teas, and those who prefer intermittent mixing. Choose the power level, set the run time, or control both at once and take the
guesswork out of mixing. 

Technical specifications

  • Specs

    Max input 15 amp
    On up to 30 min, off up to 60 min
    Three settings (Speed, Timer, Speed + Timer)
    Regulate your Aeromixer from 2.0-6.2 amps
    Three prong plug
    One-Year Warranty
    Aeromixer NOT included

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wally D.
An essential tool for biological production at scale

We utilize the Aeromixer to keep organic fertigation solutions homogeneously mixed – and dissolved oxygen at saturation – prior to and during automated fertigation events.

We also find the combo of Aeromixer and Aerobrewer especially useful for overnight brewing – and safekeeping – of surplus solutions.

We represent licensed commercial operators committed to biological methods. These products help keep our root zone biological activity high (verified by routine microscopy) and ensure uniform application of organic inputs.

Worth the cost due to time and materials saved. And increases in final product uniformity, quality and yield. Thanks, Team!

Thanks Wally for the grate review!

It's hard to remember what we did before we had the Aeromixer. There is truly nothing better for keeping fertilizer in suspension.

As we are a small family business reviews such as yours make our day. Have an absolutely great kick off to your summer.

Chris Darnell
Great Pump, Tons of Power!

Really happy with my purchase.

Jack W. Spangler

Another week before I start up a new hydro table of plants

Matthew Dierker

I love this mixer, works great and does what it says it will do - mix stuff. I love the controller too, makes it operating the mixer a breeze.


Stoked you are stoked. Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

Steve ho
Never used anything else before

It works well 😌


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