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Derek Smith
Aeromixer beast

The aeromixer is by far a complete beast! Has made mixing my nutrients and keeping stable ph at all times

I can feel the stoke Derek,

Happy planting!

An essential tool for biological production at scale

We utilize the Aeromixer to keep organic fertigation solutions homogeneously mixed – and dissolved oxygen at saturation – prior to and during automated fertigation events.

We also find the combo of Aeromixer and Aerobrewer especially useful for overnight brewing – and safekeeping – of surplus solutions.

We represent licensed commercial operators committed to biological methods. These products help keep our root zone biological activity high (verified by routine microscopy) and ensure uniform application of organic inputs.

Worth the cost due to time and materials saved. And increases in final product uniformity, quality and yield. Thanks, Team!

Thanks Wally for the grate review!

It's hard to remember what we did before we had the Aeromixer. There is truly nothing better for keeping fertilizer in suspension.

As we are a small family business reviews such as yours make our day. Have an absolutely great kick off to your summer.

Great Pump, Tons of Power!

Really happy with my purchase.


Another week before I start up a new hydro table of plants

No brainer

Family owned phenomenal customer service to say the least amazing product saves so much time and u will see a drastic difference in plant health mix aerate and the brewer is super clutch

Yo Lance!

Once you join the family of mixing we try to treat everyone like family. We are always just a phone call or email away.

We really are a small family business and reviews are always greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

Alex R
Was Missing out

Idk what took me so long to get this. No more sediment! This thing will pay for itself in wasted nutrients.

That's the idea!

Get rid of sediment and get ALL your fertilizer to your garden. Wasted nutrients is wasted money.

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Have a great day Alex


Great piece(s) of equipment . They absolutely work as advertised 👍👍

Awesome Jay!!!

Stoked you are stoked.

Welcome to the family of mixing

OMG! A Must have for all growing!!!

What a great product if you want to make your life easier in the Garden and beyond. I have saved so much time using mine. Very well made and I got exactly what I wanted and more. If you want to improve your gardening experience this is must have!!

Thanks Jerri!

A happy customer always makes our day at Aeromixer. We all come from a farming background ourselves and love making peoples lives easier.

Have a great planting season!


I love this mixer, works great and does what it says it will do - mix stuff. I love the controller too, makes it operating the mixer a breeze.


Stoked you are stoked. Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

Never used anything else before

It works well 😌


Thanks for stopping by

Matthew Dierker

I’ve used it for one day so far, and it mixed the water tank very well! The controller is super easy to use and understand. Very solid construction - I look to forward to the many grows with my Aeromixer.

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for becoming part of the Aeromixer family. Stoked you are happy with your Aeromixer and brewer. If you ever need anything from us we are just a phone call or email away.

Have a great week

Aaron Drouin
Great unit, just bought it…

Care to send me a free controller for the pump for the 4/20 sale?

Hey Aaron,

Send an email to and see what they say. Sorry for the late response

Allen Todd
A Pro Piece

This was so much more than I expected. A pro series pump for sure, but the included accessories kit opens doors for much more than just a mixer. You must use the controller, this pump is a beast.

Thanks for leaving a review Allen,

The brewer sure is nice to have with the Aeromixer, they go hand in hand.

Hope you have a great planting season.

Attn: John Hanna

You guys reached out to me right away and fixed the issue within 1 hour. Thank you

Awesome John!

We aim to treat our customers like family. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a review.

Have a great planting season.

seymour, michael


Randall Nomann

I haven’t even received your products yet did you deliver them did you mail them and where are they at

Please Send an email to

You should have received a tracking number. I'd recommend checking your spam box to make it didn't end up there.


Best pump I’ve used to date

Thanks Jay,

Have a great 2022!

Powerful mixer

I was looking for something better then air stones for keeping nutrients mixed. After receiving this unit and also purchased the controller I'm very satisfied with the product. Keep up the Solid work.

Awesome Dylan!

We are very happy to hear that you area pleased with your purchase. There is nothing better than an Aeromixer for getting rid of sediment.

Welcome to the family of mixing

Craig and Cathy Adams
Innovations that drive inovations

Quick shipping, everything looks great. I can't wait to brew my first batch of compost tea!

It's small family businesses like this who's inovations help a small Mushroom Farmer like me to inovate into soil science and the Mycology that surrounds us everywhere.

Thanks so mush!

Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

As a small family business reviews always make our day. Happy farming and a happy spring to you an yours!

Aeromixer review

Fabulous product . My inputs land where they’re intended versus laying in the bottom of the reservoir wasted .

That's what we do, get those nutrients to where they need to be.

Thanks for the review Jay!

Nicholas Graham
Great product

So far i love this product. Perfect for my 55 gallon batch tank.

Thanks for the review!

Does great in a 55 gallon barrel for sure.

Have a great week

Adam Campbell
Awesome dual propose tool!!!

Mixer and pump all in one things badass!

Thanks for the review!

Hope you have a great spring!

Andrew Benton
Great service

Pump is rock solid and so is their service. Highly recommended

Thanks Andrew!

With every purchase you become part of the family. Glad we could help you out.

Jesse Martin
Product and support

Just purchased the aero mixer for 100 gallons and under… works great!! Unfortunately the aero jet end had a mishap and broke due to operator error… bustomer support had us back up and running within 2 days… thank you guys!!! Appreciate the fast help!!

Thanks Jesse

We are stoked that you are stoked. You are part of the Aeromixer family and we are always just a phone call or email away if you ned any help.

Badd ass pump even the Mini Rocks!💯

Bad Ass pump use it to fill my res about 40ft from my storage ro and about 8ft up from pump level or sumn and It Mixes Well first time I used it no need for ph up nor Down💯 but 💯🇺🇸 recommend pump for your garden needs Honestly was lil skeptical at buying it but its worth it imo. Use it frequently Honestly

The mini mixer sure is a little beast. Happy to hear that you are happy.

Have a great spring