THE HOSE: By Aeromixer

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer

THE HOSE: By Aeromixer

Designed By Farmers For Farmers

We created Aeromixer to make feeding your garden easier. Now with THE HOSE by Aeromixer you can feed and water in half the time. THE HOSE is 100 or 50 feet long, 1 inch in diameter and virtually indestructible. It will hook up directly to your Aeromixer and most sump pumps to empty your feed tank in a fraction of the time a standard garden hose takes.

Technical specifications

  • Hose specs

    50 foot 1" hose
    Heavy duty 1" brass end couplings
    650 PSI bursting pressure
    1/4" double-walled braided nylon
    Attaches directly to your Aeromixer, and most sump pumps

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
wade may
Great products

The products are amazing, I didn’t know I needed aeromixer until I got one & now I need to order another for my house, and that hose is a massive hose worth every penny

Yeah, the hose is the last hose you will ever need. total beast of a hose that comes with a life time warranty!

Thanks for stopping by to leave a review. Lets get the 2023 season off to a good start

Erik Defontes
Best pumps for growing!

Aeromixer products have been top notch, as well as their customer service. We use multiple aeromixers throughout our commercial facility and it saves us alot of time and headache about mixing our nutrients. And their local to me!

Hey Erik,

Im glad your Aeromixers and kicking but and taking names.

Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

Andrew Hazen
The hose

Man you guys are a lifesaver. From 18+ seconds with a regular hose to 6 seconds. I don't think I could've finished the season without THE HOSE.

Awesome Andrew,

The hose is all about saving time and cutting down on hours of holding a hose in the hot summer days.

We are stoked we could help you cut down on watering time.

Have a great week

Edward Liles (rollenblunts)
The last pump you'll ever want or need

This aerator/pump is just a beast! No other pump even gets close to mixing nutrients or brewing teas it so visatile easy to use and works phenomenally. I personally recommend it you will never go back to settling for less

What up Edward! Welcome to the family of mixing.

We will always have your back if you have any questions for us. We are a small family company and every review means alot to us.

Thanks for the review

Andy Melgar
Great service

Great service and response time!

We are always just a phone call or email away.

Thanks for joining the family of mixing.